miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2008

Cada vez que pienso...

Hay dias en los que siento que me falta algo..
Que todo es estresante... y me quiero concentrar..
Y decido vivir mi vida en paz y en armonia con
todo lo que me rodea..
Asi es que a veces voy al super..
para comprarme unas galletas..
o un dulce.. que empiece a marcar la tendencia
de querer cambiar, de ENDULZAR el mundo..
Y la cajera tiene las cejas pintadas..
Y me da miedo.. o confusion..
Y pienso.. por que hara eso?
Alguien me podría entender?
Luego suspiro.. porque ya se quien.
De hecho 4 personas podrían hacerlo.
4 amigos, que sin conocerme..
me duele su ausencia.

Jerry, George, Kramer y Elaine.

Extraño Seinfeld.

Extrañar Seinfeld no puede ser bueno.
Porque admitir que te gusta Seinfeld,
es como admitir que estás atento
a las imperfecciones del mundo,
conciente de las tuyas,
y todo será comparado para pasar la vida..
Como si fuera nada..
Sin exigencias hacia ti, exigiendo ajeno.

El amor, la empatía, la fraternidad,
estas cosas son rumores..
Te da risa lo que a la gente le podría dar tristeza.

Pero no importa, porque están tus otros 3 amigos
para decirte que no pasa nada, y es más..

El otro día, extrañando este programa,
que ya nunca tendrá episodios nuevos..
Decidí escribir mis momentos favoritos..
Para que nunca se me olviden,
como comprarle un seguro a mi risa.

Aquí están, mis frases favoritas de Seinfeld:

Empezando por una frase de mi episodio favorito:
Pto.Rican Day!

KRAMER: You want to get outta here? Here's what we do.

We leave the car here, we take the plates off,

we scratch the serial number off the engine block,

and we walk away.

JERRY: Walk away?

KRAMER: You've got insurance. You tell them that the car was stolen,

and then you get another one free.

JERRY: Isn't there a deductible?

KRAMER: All right, what is your deductible?

JERRY: I don't know.

KRAMER: Yes, because they've already deducted it.

JERRY: From what?

KRAMER: The car, which we're leaving. So the net is zero.

See you pocket the money, if there is any,

and you get a new car.

JERRY: We're not leaving the car!


Otro del estilo:

Jerry : So were going to make the Post Office
pay for my new stereo?
Kramer : It's just a write off for them.
Jerry : How is it a write off?
Kramer : They just write it off.
Jerry : Write it off what?
Kramer : Jerry all these big companies they write off everything
Jerry : You don't even know what a write off is.
Kramer : Do you?
Jerry : No. I don't.
Kramer : But they do and they are the ones writing it off.
Jerry : I wish I just had the last twenty seconds of my life back.


George: "I was spottin' those raccoons..."
Jerry: "They were mailboxes, you idiot.
I didn't have the heart to tell you."


Kramer: "I might have a whole new career here."
Jerry: "You mean ´´a´´ career."

Jerry: "So let me get this straight. You find yourself in the kitchen,
you see an eclair in the receptacle, and you think to yourself,
'What the hell, I'll just eat some trash.'"
George: "No no no no no. It was not trash."
Jerry: "Was it in the trash?"
George: "Yes."
Jerry: "Then it was trash."
George: "It wasn't down in. It was sort of on top."
Jerry: "But it was in the cylinder."
George: "Above the rim."
Jerry: "Adjacent to refuse is... refuse."
George: "It was on a magazine. And it still had the doily on."
Jerry: "Was it eaten?"
George: "One little bite."
Jerry: "Well, that's garbage."
George: "But I know who took the bite. It was her aunt."
Jerry: "Well, you, my friend, have crossed the line that
divides man and bum. You are now a bum."

Kramer: "All right, look. I'm going to be honest.
I'm very interested in the van.

Jerry: "OK, fine. 'What do I have to do
to put you in this van today?'"

Kramer, pointing to the newspaper ad:
"Well, I don't really have any money.
But it says right here,
'interesting trades considered'."

Jerry: "You put that in!"
Kramer, pulling out an undershirt:
"And I'm glad I did. Here."

Jerry: "You want to trade me an undershirt?"
Kramer: "No, I want to trade you screen legend
Anthony Quinn's undershirt.
took this off to do sit-ups in the park and I nabbed it."

Jerry: "That's disgusting."
Kramer: "Well, it's my final offer."


JERRY: Vandelay. Wait a second. Mr. Pennypacker,

if you're here, and Mr. Vandelay is also here,

then who's watching the factory?

KRAMER: The factory?

JERRY: The Saab factory?

KRAMER: Jerry, that's in Sweden.


ELAINE: You never see him. He sidled me again in my office.

I was sitting there making a cup of soup

singing that song from "The Lion King".

JERRY: Hakuna Matata?

ELAINE: I thought I was alone.

JERRY: That doesn't make it right.


Newman: I'm a little... insulted...
Jerry: You're not a little anything, Newman.

Newman : It's pretty hot under these lights huh Seinfeld .
Pretty ....... Hot

Jerry : Actually I am quite comfortable .

Newman : Can I have a sip ?

Jerry : No .


George: The truth? You want the truth?...

It is your earrings! It is your chopsticks!

But it's so much more than that! You're pretentious!

You call everybody by their full name!

You called my doorman Sammy "Samuel"!

But you didn't even say "Samuel", you said it "Samuelle"

! Papier-mache? What is pah-pee-ay-mache?



What did you want to see me about, Mr. Leland?


Kramer, I've.. been reviewing your work..

Quite frankly, it stinks.


Well, I ah.. been havin' trouble at home and uh..

I mean, ah, you know, I'll work harder,

nights, weekends, whatever it takes..


No, no, I don't think that's going to, do it, uh.

These reports you handed in. It's almost as

if you have no business training at all..

I don't know what this is supposed to be!


Well, I'm uh, just--tryin' to get ahead..


Well, I'm sorry. There's just no way that

we could keep you on.


I don't even really work here!


That's what makes this so difficult.



Kevin and his friends are nice people!

They do good things. They read..


I read.


Books, Jerry.


SHLOMO: He looks like a Frog.


Con trabajo pero creo que estos son mis momentos favoritos.

De una serie increible que siempre recordaré!

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Ana Victoria dijo...

estos 4 te hacen sentir que no hay pedo de nada.. no matter how tough it gets