jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

She inherited a million bucks and when she died it came to me...

Lately, I look at faces... consciously avoiding my own..
How time changes..
Colors smoothen..
Loosing wildness..
Increasing wrinkles..
Shadows transforming my tired eyes..
It was easier then..
Staring it all..
Sitting in a bar.. drinking away.. as time passes by..
Nobody cares I'd think.. nobody gives a damn...
My thoughts lay in the corner of your eyes..
While you caress your cheeks and I feel so weak...
If only then I'd stepped out from behind the curtain..

The little girl noticing while our eyes searched the stage...
I ended up disappearing,
inside the purple setting..
that staring straight saw your back..
It is always like this..
I used to believe..
The constant fixation, the wet, and heavy sigh..
I'm the one standing on the outside lookin' in..
Im the one breathing at you,
while you stand peacefully...
Information fades with the blue of the air..
There is no rest allowed in the hunt...

What am I looking at? Echoes on my knees...
Standing.. staring.. like a soldier on its feet...
The thread that fits the needle so precisely, so right..
Reminds me of the times when I used to enjoy the ride..
I was happy like that eagle that landed on your hand..
You were young, and playful...
Algiers was full of light...
Red hats and blue coats
challenging the shinning sun...
It's only a matter of time until everything
is deleted by the night...
Grab your hat and bring some flowers..
Pretend we're going to Japan..
I can't be here anymore..
Time to dream..
A space to rest..
Bare your shoulder..
Hold the cat..
Everything depends on this moment..
Reading the news isn't right..
Surrounded by the unattainable
Beauty that I've squandered
Precious time possessing..
For what?
It needs to be left alone..
I finally know I can't make it my own..
But what's next?
Sit like a dog
or pray at Aphrodite?
There's a naked girl in front of the valley..
And looking from a tree isn't exactly a treat..
I want to feel the movement..
Not to create the moves..
I don't know what else to do..
The crystal is strong..
It's between me and you..
The sheet that separates me
from you is more heavy than the truth...
Flowers will bloom..
Onions will cause tears..
While my thoughts will keep on flyin.. defying the wind..
Sailboats and towers..
Carriages and trees..
It just doesn't matter..
Water under the bridge..
As lonely as this is..
As long the background grows..
I'll continue walking..
Staring at faces..
All but my own...

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