domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

And I'll be back some lucky day...

Recently, I'm always listening to Tom Waits
play in my Spotify the same way
I used to play with your curls,
back in the day when you had curls on your head..
Now we're listening to Tom Waits together..
Me and you, with the crazy girl that sent me a
Tom Waits song in the first place..
One cold January night..
It was cold that afternoon you left..
It started snowing .. my ipod wasn't broken..
And I didn't know which song to listen..
That would match with what I was feeling inside..
Tom Waits it was.. thanks to you.. later that month..
Surrounded by purple.. you next to me..
Laughin with Tom.. staring at you..
Your hair is different, but we're the same..
Used to be the same.. like back in the day..
Until one day.. when you start to understand..
That the distance is real..
And sex with great laughter
or laughter with great sex..
Won't change geography .. or the way the countries were settled
with great battles and Pangea's pms..
I still do the same things I do when I want to think of you..
From breathing to walkin by myself..
all the way up to Anton Martin..
Takin subways to Iglesia
watchin the games in a cool Basque way..
I look at the toad and the frog in their shiny mug eyes..
Turn off the light.. go to bed..
Feel the metal on my back..
Try to move.. and there's no you..
I sometimes think that life ends tomorrow..
Because I can't explain how it will go on later..
It's like reading this great book that ran out of pages,
ran out of space..
Waiting.. in a not cute Lost way...
Makes me act crazy.. you know the drill...
I'm thinking about ways to escape.. ALL THE TIME...
Sitting.. waiting... searching for mistakes..
Like a centerback expecting the striker to go left...
and then right..
Off with the ball.. no one to pass it to..
When I see an opening..
I go crazy again..
That's just the way it is..
That's why I always want peace...
Tom Waits keeps singing..
I can sea a sunset inside all that grey..
Where the light shines...
And there is no escape..
No Thailand yet..
I'll say sorry if I have to..
But i'm not serious? don't complain..
Life is too serious to talk about it Hemmingway said..
Before he blew his brains out...
In my defense..
Everyday I wake up... I know I miss your hair.

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Lola dijo...

Como no tengo tu mail, (se lo pediré a Palo), te escribo aquí. Gracias por acudir a nuestra cita a conocernos. Con lo liado que estabas con la presentación, y lo tarde que era, doblemente agradecida. Te seguiré leyendo.
Un super beso. Lola.