miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2007

Todo empezo contigo...

Can't remember the first time I met you.
The way things were ''back in the day '',
I don't think you remember any of it yourself.

But one thing was certain,
we were friends before we were born

Don't know the first words you said to me
Don't really care either
Because 22 years later, it's still the same to me..

I've probably seen you more than a thousand times
If each year has 365 days, I must've seen you about 300 times
Each and every year, from 1 to 16..
Before you took those long vacations to different places.

I remember jumping on the beds, and the 3 little monkeys..
Little Critter, Mother Goose, and Mario bros 3

Then came the Beatles, along with Dr. Seuss
Easter egg hunts, sand castles and growing up too..

I remember so many things, clear as daylight..

But the thing I remember the most,
when I close my eyes and think of you..
Is the amazement I feel.. when thanks to you
I know.. how long a friendship can last.

happy birthday Ana Vicky!
You know I'll always love you!

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Ana Victoria dijo...

aaaaaaaawwwwwww that´s so so sooo sweeet, look how cute we were. te quiero mucho my brother from another mother.

El Andariego dijo...


Ana dijo...

si hasta eso cuando quieres eres bien lindo
saludos greñitas