viernes, 25 de abril de 2008


I was meant to be with you
Don't ask me how I know it's true..

I could tell you how I know
but the story is a little long..
And I would have to kiss you before..

I'm done trying to question where
you only have to believe..
I don't know where hope lives..
I may ignore right from wrong..
So I choose to think...
that I want to end up with you..

Like a home run ball finally hitting the floor..
Or the signature flavour of a signature dish..
It's the final stand...
It's the only way..
Pack your bags, what else is left to say?

You're all I really want..
Like stars with the sky..
You're all I really need..
Like the flowers need the bees..

So if you know what I mean..
And if you really believe..
Then just close your eyes
and PLEASE come with me..

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