domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

Si te lo cuento es porque estas volviendo...

I gotta tell you..

I've enjoyed these last couple of days..

Never ending like they should..

But never ending as they seem..

I feel like I could fly with you..

Far away.. and it wouldn't even matter..

Far as the clouds fade into blue..

Far as dreams that loose sleep with Dali

It feels like we're always playing

daring life to have so much fun

that time melts

and sticks to our feet

while we leave footprints on the sand.

We sleep under the simba sun..

We swim inside the turtle hideout sea..

And above everything else..

We still exist..

Weirder than everyone else..

Not caring

Just staring

At the possible crocodiles that may be moving around

At the enchanted bird that was once a man..

And cold water that's never that cold.

So I will not mind

if we are free or fall apart..

I do not expect anything else

than what life wants out of us..

But if it happens..

It will get better..

And if not..

Maybe one night

drinking some wine

I'll stare at the sky

and scream:

Here's to you.

Si Andrea dedica cosas, por que yo no?

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