martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Now that i've lost everything...

I think of you, often.. or once in a while..
When I feel there's no spring
or hope of getting on time to class..
Maybe I'm lying.. and making this whole thing up..
I don't know.. wish I did though...
Wish i had the power to change many things..
bring the lorax back..
Lennon and van Basten in his prime...
there are many other things I never got to see..
Maradona and Pele
Da vinci and M.A...
Saw Federer and Nadal.. what can I say?
I'm a lucky guy.
Got books to read..
If I could only read in the subway...
There's too much to see..
Am I repeating words?
Will I drive myself crazy trying too hard not to?
I'll avoid everything like I avoid making my bed...
Or going to sleep at 1..
It's always 3.
The year is ending with quite alot of mystery...
Don't understand a thing..
But I'm happy.

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