domingo, 28 de marzo de 2010

Como dejar el corazon latir.. solo quiero verte bailar..

It was
long ago and the clues in my brain
had reached a dead end.
The mystery in the third floor unravelled..
Now time machine older but wiser I return,
challenging geography like an algebra riddle
M over P?

Staring past hunger at the eyes of hope..
Lost alone with a portrait.. hay over the shoulder..
in a setting so light my feet start to wander
without blinking at 2 rainbows that appear floating in the sky..

Wrestle me , I dare you
The crowd stares in disbelief..
You may think we're salvages
but who will start a fire when the sun refuses to shine..

As we wait we could think of better days.. that passed...
You were young and hungry as I was barking mad..
Killing my hands, on my knees with my peers scraping wood..
Standing up with wine in a glass..
inside that silver green bottle which the light used to love..
Always starting over.. never - ending work.. that tomorrow
will make me feel useless all over again..

Stare at my face and tell me what you see?
The hard working man that brings bread to our table,
or just me?
Remember when i drew shapes on your arms
pretending they were stars?
Things changed and now you dream I'm someone else..
A fallen hero wrapped in God's cloak..

If asked I awlays say you're divine..
The rebel times square with bow and arrow
resting at some forrest.. or bursting through the water
with nothing but your hair...
I always liked your hair...

Glowing like a virgin's gold..
Son of God sleeps and my soul weeps strongly as a triton's arm
blowing on a seashell announcing your arrival...

Life is always been like this.. you know?
A racetrack and ballerinas
keeping track of the rise and falls of the stock.. the more you make..
the bigger the bones...
Or so they say..
It's all discipline in the end.. lined up and ready
at what the world will bring...
But will you hold my hand when everything else fails?
Like a pedicurist holds feet?

Firm and steady..
This is how I need you..
firm and steady..
Like a jockey rides a stallion..
Up the curve .. down to the finish..
We're shooting for first place...

Fate stares down at us I tell you..
I feel it, my back checked as Bobby Fischer's chessboard..
Slaying beasts all day I'll stay...
With that glow of leadership covering my naked body..
Maybe I'll develop curls riding an eagle and fly somewhere..

Go back to the beach where you wait for me,
playing with your hair...

It all comes down to Paris .. arrive at St. Lazare and head down
to Tuileries .. nothing will stop us once we get there..

You'll see..

Let's stay there when the turkeys are done eating
and the snow is so thick our legs get tired walking thru it..
We must follow the sun like the song goes...
And then maybe.. just maybe.. hope will fly...

The sphynx won't cry..
And we can be together again...

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//Raisa\\ dijo...

Wow, me impresiona todo el talento que tienes, me refiero al talento de verdad.